House in Palafrugell, 2013

House in Palafrugell, 2013


The intervention in this unique house has a clear protagonist: the light. Through skylights located on a terrace, there is more natural light in a living room  wich is already open to the patio. In this room, which also includes the kitchen, it was decided that the lighting system would be indirect, placing it in the drawer so that it connects with the ceiling skylights and on a ledge made specifically for this purpose . The shelves are also handmade, as seen in pictures. Also noteworthy is the audio system, hidden into the wall.

Next to this space, and also connected to the patio, there is the dining room. All openings were remade in aluminum, imitating the old ones. Through the stairs, illuminated by sconces integrated to the wall, we get to a newly built room, with a terrace but also illuminated through a system of skylights . The extension of the front house which meant the new room led to a new balcony inspired by the style of the building in its design, with a door exactly like the ones in the dining room. For this original creation and the skylights installed on the terrace it was used the same type of glazed tile from La Bisbal d’Empordà.




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