Our History

Building homes for four generations.

It has been a long time since Jaume Casadevall, a young man from Sant Feliu de Guíxols, on the Costa Brava, decided to start an adventure in America. After staying in cities like Buenos Aires and New York, he came back to his land with new building knowledge, and he went to live in Palafrugell, where his future wife had been born and where, in 1932, he set up his own company.

If he had not had any descendants, the history of Tané Construccions might have ended there. However, in 1945 a young mechanic from Olot, Albert Tané, accepted a job offer in Palafrugell. It was here that he had first seen the sea, during a trip in his childhood, and the prospect of living by the sea excited him. But when he arrived in Palafrugell he was terribly disappointed to find out that the coast was three kilometres from the village! However, on his first day in town he met Carme, Jaume Casadevall’s daughter, who he married three years later.

Although he was already thirty, he changed his job from mechanic to builder. The sea, which had brought him here, was the trigger of a new era in the company. He saw the beginnings of tourism, with the construction of many hotels and summer residences, among other buildings of different importance. These were the years when the company became one of the most important in the area.

Nowadays, Jaume Tané, the fourth generation, has taken over from his father. He runs the company and managed our most valuable asset: the experience and knowledge gained over more than eighty years.